[Chicago-talk] I want to evangelize

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 09:44:26 PST 2005

> For me, and I suspect anyone on this list that is working on large perl projects
> professionally, I already have a massive code base and am not likely to switch over to
> basset or anything else. However, I could see scavenging it for ideas to make my own
> codebase better. I'm sure that's not what you'd want to hear, but it's the truth. The
> only place this doesn't hold true is for someone who is looking to do a ground up
> rewrite of their system.

That's a reasonable statement. While I think my framework's great, I'm
not convinced that any one framework is enough of a benefit over any
other framework to justify the huge costs of switching it. Any one
framework is probably a benefit over no framework, however.

Regardless, I'd just like to see about getting raised up to the l33t
level wherein someone says, "Hey, you're starting a project. Basset is
a good framework to use." Much the same way that someone nowadays
would say to use POE or Mason or whatever.

> For anyone starting a new project, they're going to need more than just a cpan module.

Heh. And if only that were true. It still amazes me the number of
serious professional programmers that I have met and worked with who
are perfectly content to use any piece of crap that shows up on CPAN.
Likewise the ones that I've told about basset who look at me crosseyed
when I say that it's not on CPAN (back when it wasn't). I have no clue
why simply appearing on there is enough of a seal of quality for so
many people.

> Features list (how's basset going to save me time/code)
> Examples (build a cookbook of examples)
> Docs (assuming you have them in POD already, should be pretty easy to publish them to
> People Using (a list of projects using your software, so they know its ready for prime
> time)
> I think the POE web site is a good example of what you'd need to have:

Good ideas, I'll start jumping on 'em. Examples always throw me off,
though. You have a laundry list of examples that you'd consider to be
"good" or otherwise useful to see? I always feel like I start off too
contrived, then move towards too convoluted. What sort of things do
you think would get you running?


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