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JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Mon Mar 28 09:06:17 PST 2005

> So I'm opening it up to you guys. What sort of things would you all
> want to see in a software product before you'd consider it?
> Documentation? Examples? Speed tests? Preaching? Honestly, would

For me, and I suspect anyone on this list that is working on large perl projects 
professionally, I already have a massive code base and am not likely to switch over to 
basset or anything else. However, I could see scavenging it for ideas to make my own 
codebase better. I'm sure that's not what you'd want to hear, but it's the truth. The 
only place this doesn't hold true is for someone who is looking to do a ground up 
rewrite of their system.

For anyone starting a new project, they're going to need more than just a cpan module. 
They'll need a web site which includes the same things you might see from a company 
trying to sell you a piece of software:

Features list (how's basset going to save me time/code)
Examples (build a cookbook of examples)
Docs (assuming you have them in POD already, should be pretty easy to publish them to 
People Using (a list of projects using your software, so they know its ready for prime 

I think the POE web site is a good example of what you'd need to have: 

And if you're looking to commercialize it (leave the code FOSS, but sell services), then 
you may want to have a look at our web site http://www.plainblack.com/webgui

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