[Chicago-talk] I want to evangelize

JT Smith jt at plainblack.com
Mon Mar 28 09:55:43 PST 2005

> Regardless, I'd just like to see about getting raised up to the l33t
> level wherein someone says, "Hey, you're starting a project. Basset is
> a good framework to use." Much the same way that someone nowadays
> would say to use POE or Mason or whatever.

If WebGUI didn't already exist, and I was starting it today, I'd probably start with 
Basset or something like it. I certainly wouldn't start with Mason.

> Good ideas, I'll start jumping on 'em. Examples always throw me off,
> though. You have a laundry list of examples that you'd consider to be
> "good" or otherwise useful to see? I always feel like I start off too
> contrived, then move towards too convoluted. What sort of things do
> you think would get you running?

You said in a previous post that it's not just a web app framework. So I guess writing 
something non-web related would be a good example. For instance, maybe you want to write 
a network app like a tiny chat server. Or perhaps you want to write a logging daemon 
with it. From the web side, I think a simple page publisher kind of thing that required 
a login to publish, but not to view, would be a good start. Though there are already 
10,000 of those out there. I can't really come up with good examples for you though cuz 
I'm not sure what the intention of basset was when you wrote it. Only you know that.

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