[yapc] Social networks and YAPC

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 02:03:42 PST 2012


I know you all hate social networks, but apparently
there are some people[1] out there who think that "like"-ing
a Facebook page or putting a Google+ page in their circles
is less intrusive in their life, than signing up to a mailing list.
Such as this one.

So I think it is great that JT is using these networks to promote
YAPC::NA. It is even better that starting from this year, these
social accounts are not for the specific year only, so they won't,
sort-of "expire". Sharing them with other people and inviting
them to follow those pages will earn you their hatred for years.

In addition, I think we can use the same social networks
to mention the local Perl Workshops as well - they are
not really off-topic there - which will really freak-out some people.

So in case you would like to help the organizers of YAPC::NA
a bit, share and recommend it on your least hated social network.

BTW do you like meaningless statistics?
Here is some:

Twitter: 122 followers + 14 lists

Facebook: 76 people

Google+: 59 put in circle and 11 +-ed it.

LinkedIN: 22 members

[1] I think, sometimes I see some of you on these hated social networks.
Strange ;)

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