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YAPC::NA Director admin at yapcna.org
Wed Jan 11 01:00:02 PST 2012

At YAPC::NA_2012 we’re thinking about stealing a feature from PyCon they call
Startup_Row. In their exhibit hall they give away booth space to feature some
up and coming new companies. 
There are a lot of new companies using Perl these days, like Parking_Mobility,
Social_Flow, and Bluer.  I even have a few of my own. I’m willing to bet
there are a lot out there we just don’t know about.
Depending on the interest level and number of submissions, we’ll either add
some booths to our Job Fair for this, or we’ll open a completely separate
exhibit space for it. 
If you’re interested in getting a free booth and some other exposure at
YAPC::NA 2012, please fill out our Startup_Row_Application. Submission deadline
is March 1, 2012.
[From the YAPC::NA_Blog.]
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