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Derek Bryan dbryan at geowebhouse.com
Mon Jun 7 10:59:38 CDT 2004

I have no plans for any night.
Anyone bringing chess boards?  I'd be all for some of that.

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> According to Walt Mankowski:
> > Of course, this is day after we're planning on leaving a perfectly
> > good bar to watch people pretend to do magic and fly around on brooms
> > playing an even sillier game.
> The Harry Potter thing is my #1 "what the fuck?" moment for YAPC.
> Next to the movie, the soccer game is almost rational.  At least the
> game is a real contest of actual live human beings, albeit ones that
> we don't know and will almost certainly never even meet.
> So you're going to waste half of a perfectly good evening in the
> company of your fellow geeks, some of whom you may never meet again,
> on a movie.  A Harry Potter movie.  On IMAX.
> Let's put this in context.  We're all going to travel to an out-of-
> the-way town to be with other Perl geeks and enjoy an almost
> unparalleled ratio of geek existence to geek exploitation.  And you're
> harvesting that uniquely Perlish gathering to collect an audience for
> a mediocre fantasy movie just because it's on a REALLY BIG SCREEN?
> What.  The.  Fuck.
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