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Uri Guttman uri at stemsystems.com
Mon Jun 7 10:35:00 CDT 2004

>>>>> "ab" == alex beamish <alexbeamish at yahoo.com> writes:

  ab> Unless someone already in Buffalo has the spare
  ab> samoleans, I think our best approach is to warn the
  ab> manager of our impending arrival (which you've already
  ab> done) and just march in on the day and start ordering
  ab> beer and eating wings.

that is my thought

  ab> If he's been in the hospitality biz for a while, he'll
  ab> keep a section closed but set aside for us, without us
  ab> needing to leave a deposit.

well, he has reasons to want a deposit. if he knows a group of a certain
size is coming, he will have the right staffing for it. and if we skip
out, he will be out paying that staff. so he said we could just waltz in
and i think that is what we should do. if we get a signup going, i can
warn him that day about our size and he could hold a section/room. i
don't want to make this more work than necessary (the arrival dinner has
been plenty of work :). 

so if you want to go to the anchor bar (inventor of 'wings' :), signup
on the kwiki page for it. this is just so we can get a head count. most
people who go to there will be going on to potter (assuming you can scam
tix :). directions from the anchor to the imax are on the kwiki (i think
the potter page). i will print out all the directions before i leave
from home. i suggest those of you with cars do the same. i will also be
buying a buffalo street map (the globe bookstore in harvard square
cambridge, is a great travel/map place).

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