[yapc] Anchor bar/iMAX

keith tarbell ikeith at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 4 08:35:26 CDT 2004

I'm a local WNYer, so here's some things to consider:

Your most direct route between the Anchor bar and the iMAX is Rt.33 (Kensington Expressway), about 20-30 minute drive under the best of circumstances.

The police like to set up sobriety checkpoints from time to time, so make sure you have your DD.

A local joke is Buffalo has two seasons, winter and construction.  I believe work  is in progress on the outbound side of Rt.33 (Anchor bar -> iMAX direction) and it happens at night, so detours may increase your travel time considerably.

Have fun!  My son is seeing HP tonight.  I am also too old for the night-life and will most likely be snoring on the couch with a good tech manual for a blanket :)


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