[Wellington-pm] Complex config files

Lesley Longhurst lrw at clear.net.nz
Thu May 14 15:23:52 PDT 2009

michael at diaspora.gen.nz wrote:
> Lesley Longhurst writes:
>> label:       COMMON UTILS
>>    servers: <an external command that generates a list>
>>    include:    office/branchapp/cad_deploy/utils
>>        description: Utils
>>        rsync_flags: --delete
>>        exclude-server: zzsv01
>>        exclude-server: zysv01
> Just as an aside, your problem here looks to be file distribution.
> Have you considered using Real OS Packages, or rdist, or radmind, or
> puppet, or cfengine (ok, don't use cfengine), or, well, anything that
> isn't a hand hacked wrapper around rsync commands?
> Michael.

What, and take away my excuse to write Perl code? :-)

I confess I haven't looked particularly closely at those things, but 
regardless of what mechanism is used to send the stuff out, we still 
need need to build a nice non-technical interface to allow someone other 
than me to control who gets what and when. Also, this is just the simple 
part of the task, the job gets much worse and I think it's pretty 
unlikely that this particular wheel has been previously invented.

I do take your point though, and thanks for the reminder, I will  go and 
do some reading. Maybe some of those tools will help with part of it.


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