[Wellington-pm] Complex config files

michael at livia.co.nz michael at livia.co.nz
Thu May 14 14:50:21 PDT 2009

Lesley Longhurst writes:
>label:       COMMON UTILS
>    servers: <an external command that generates a list>
>    include:    office/branchapp/cad_deploy/utils
>        description: Utils
>        rsync_flags: --delete
>        exclude-server: zzsv01
>        exclude-server: zysv01

Just as an aside, your problem here looks to be file distribution.
Have you considered using Real OS Packages, or rdist, or radmind, or
puppet, or cfengine (ok, don't use cfengine), or, well, anything that
isn't a hand hacked wrapper around rsync commands?


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