[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting ...

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Tue Mar 10 13:54:44 PDT 2009

Hi Mongers

Thank you to all the participants in last night's lightning talk meeting
- it was fun.

The slides are up on the web site ...


So now we're back into the normal routine.  I'm looking for 2-3 speakers
for the next meeting.  If you have a project you want to show off, a
cool module you've been working with recently, a rant about something
that's been annoying you etc, email me to book a slot.  Alternatively if
there's a subject you want to know about then pipe up here on the list
and we'll see if we can organise someone to talk about it.

Target talk length should be in the 20-30min range but if you just want
a 5 minute slot then that's fine too.  (I'm guessing Martyn will be
looking for a slot to do the lightning talk he was scheduled to do last

The scheduled date for the next meeting is April 14th which turns out to
be immediately after Easter.  I'm unsure whether this is a good or a bad
thing.  We could move it a week either way depending on feedback and
availability of speakers.

Finally, we bid farewell to Srdjan who will be leaving us shortly to
relocate to Brisbane for a couple of years.  If you were moved by
Srdjans' sermon last night and want to join his campaign then I've
attached a poster.


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