[Wellington-pm] postgres 8.x and escaping E'' style

Andrew Boag andrew.boag at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Feb 12 20:26:08 PST 2009

As part of migrating to postgres 8.2 with our application we have
started seeing these warning messages in the logs:

WARNING:  nonstandard use of \\ in a string literal at character 230
HINT:  Use the escape string syntax for backslashes, e.g., E'\\'.

At the moment we are just logging (ignoring) these messages ... but not

I know what is causing this. It's the that postgres wants to escape
strings using the E'text to escape \' format where the forward slash
will not escape the single quote.

I would like to not have to worry about this syntax to be honest. Can't
the DBI library be updated or configured to take care of this?


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