[Wellington-pm] Meeting Tomorrow (or is it tonight?)

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Mon Sep 8 02:04:12 PDT 2008

Hi Mongers

The next meeting of Wellington.pm is this Tuesday (September 9th) which
is tomorrow night as I write this but may be 'tonight' by the time you
receive it.

Dan Horne is going to tell us about his experiences with two IDEs:
ActiveState's Komodo, and OptiPerl.

Since Donovan's not quite ready with his Vim talk yet, I've got a backup
plan that does not involve me talking but does involve bringing YAPC::Eu
(Yet Another Perl Conference Europe) to Wellington in video form.

The venue is slightly different - we're still in the same building but
the meetings will be on level 3 from now on.

  6:00pm Tuesday 9 September 2008
  Level 3, The building formerly known as Eagle Technology House
  150 Willis Street

See you there.

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