[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Tue Sep 18 00:15:20 PDT 2007

Richard Hector wrote:
>>  - co-operative, task switching systems - co-routines - via Coro in Perl
>>    5 and the "produce" keyword in Perl 6.  These are really neat.
>>  - semi-pre-emptive/per-opcode multi-threading systems.  I don't know of
>>    any of these for Perl, but it's how Ruby threading works.
>>  - Software Transaction Memory (STM) - one of the big buzzwords at OSCON
>>    this year.  Done with the "contend { }" keyword in Perl 6.
> My memory is hazy, but doesn't Quantum::Superpositions fit in here
> somewhere?

Oh yes, autothreading or "how making good use of massively multi-core
CPUs is just a matter of xxx in Perl 6"

Where xxx is at least: making sure any functions are 'pure', re-writing
code to use junctive idioms, and of course being sure that the
auto-threading is enabled on the Perl 6 platform.


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