[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Thu Sep 13 20:28:57 PDT 2007


>>> Hmm... sounds like a call for an evening on multiprocessing.
>>> [...]


>> My memory is hazy, but doesn't Quantum::Superpositions fit in here 
>> somewhere?


> Not really.  Quantum::Superpositions (or 'junctions' as they're known
> in Perl 6) are a fancy way of working with sets of possible values to
>  answer questions like:
> is the value in $a greater than all of the values in ($b, $c, ...)
> [etc]

I think what Richard's hazy memory is recalling is the time when
superpositions/junctions were predicted to able to somehow,
automatically, spread their work across all available processors.  While
 these kind of operations are inherently parallelisable, the perl
process that contains them is not (or at least is awfully less so).  So
if junctions are doing this, they will be using magic that is similar to
something from Sam's list.  I suspect that they aren't, though.


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