[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Thu Sep 13 16:35:18 PDT 2007

Grant McLean wrote:
> The next meeting will be on October the 9th.  It looks like we might
> have a talk about using threads lined up and maybe even one about
> Event.pm.  I am always keen to hear from potential speakers.

Hmm... sounds like a call for an evening on multiprocessing.

So in the context of Perl this varies from:

 - fork(), emulated via threads on Windows

 - the varying threads implementation attempts from the 5.004->5.6
   Perl series, leading to the current one, interpreter threads

 - co-operative, event/queue-driven systems like Event.pm, or the ones
   in Gtk, Tk, etc.  POE can work within all of these FWIW

 - co-operative, task switching systems - co-routines - via Coro in Perl
   5 and the "produce" keyword in Perl 6.  These are really neat.

 - semi-pre-emptive/per-opcode multi-threading systems.  I don't know of
   any of these for Perl, but it's how Ruby threading works.

 - Software Transaction Memory (STM) - one of the big buzzwords at OSCON
   this year.  Done with the "contend { }" keyword in Perl 6.

I guess I could talk about one or more of these or perhaps just give a
big overview.  What are people most interested in hearing about?


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