[Wellington-pm] Roundup of last night's meeting

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Tue Sep 11 15:09:34 PDT 2007

Hi Mongers

Wow what a great turnout last night - I counted 24!  I would be
interested to hear people's thoughts (on or off list) on what makes for
a good meeting and what we can do to maintain high attendance levels.

A big thank-you to our speakers.  I think we can all agree that Neil's
12 months without MySQL is a mighty accomplishment and with the support
of his peers perhaps he can kick the habit for good.

I know I picked up some good stuff from Brenda and Neil's database
feature comparison, Donovan's mapping adventures and Finlay's POE
examples.  Thanks folks.  I'll put the slides up on the web site as they
come to hand.


The next meeting will be on October the 9th.  It looks like we might
have a talk about using threads lined up and maybe even one about
Event.pm.  I am always keen to hear from potential speakers.


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