[Wellington-pm] job ad - katipo communications

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Wed May 18 04:09:04 PDT 2005


It seems Katipo Communications are currently looking for a perl programmer:


I doubt this one will get as far as seek.co.nz.



Programmer Vacancy

16 May 2005

    We have a rare opportunity for a programmer to join the Katipo team.

Just the facts....

      * Live in Wellington (NZ)
      * Work full time from home (sometimes on client sites)
      * Be an excellent programmer with a good theoretical background -
        Comp Sci Degree preferred
      * Have Perl and PhP skills (or be a fast learner)
      * Have excellent communication skills, in person, on the phone, via
        e-mail and on IRC
      * Work on our software; Koha Library System, Kea content management
        & Konae timesheet systems
      * Write bespoke software for our clients
      * Be enthusiastic about Open Source
      * Be resilient and friendly
      * Don't be shy about asking questions, and giving opinions

    We use Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python & Tangram, anything else you know
    will be a welcome bonus.

    Send me your CV by the 27th of May if you'd like to be considered for
    the position.  Because working from home is not for everyone, please
    include some information on why you think it will work for you.

    rachel at katipo.co.nz

    +64-4-934 1285

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