[Wellington-pm] Sorry for the offense

Ewen McNeill ewen at naos.co.nz
Mon May 16 15:57:44 PDT 2005

In message <1116283254.27683.17.camel at localhost>, Grant McLean writes:
>Return-Path: <ExchangeAdmins at computerland.co.nz>
>From: "InterScan MSS Notification" <postmaster at computerland.co.nz>
>To: wellington-pm-bounces at pm.org, CLsupport at computerland.co.nz
>Subject: Unacceptable Language

I don't obviously see anything in the message which is "Offensive" by
common standards[0], but these days a lot of people use "spam" filtering
as a way of rejecting any messages that they don't want irrespective of
their merits (or whether they "opted in").

My usual approach to such generic "we didn't like your message" reports,
with no way to identify what the issue is, is simply identify who the
affected email address(es) are and remove them from the mailing list on
the basis that they either don't want the messages on the on the mailing
list, or are stuck with a mail server that doesn't want them to be on
the mailing list.

They can always subscribe from another address with more sensible

Otherwise one can spend one's entire life trying to guess what else
people will object to next.


[0] And you're not going to trick me into reading all the advertising 
    material that easily :-)

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