[Wellington-pm] Next month's meeting

Geoff Cant geoff at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jul 12 00:02:31 PDT 2005

Options for the August PM meet (8th Aug?):
A) Wellington PM Social (Dinner somewhere)
B) Lightning Talks (Darcs, Devel::ebug, XS debugging ?, Unit  
Testing ?, Perl 6?, more?)
C) A + B :)
D) Other - please submit suggestions on the back of a self-addressed  

Any strong opinions/violent objections/comments/...?

--Geoff Cant (Catalyst IT)
ps: Would I cause commotion if I second Sam's motion?

On 2005-07-12, at 15:52 , Sam Vilain wrote:

> Geoff Cant wrote:
>> I would love to hear a talk on Devel::ebug and any other shiny
>> Devel:: type code. (With maybe some passing references to similar but
>> less good things in the standard perl -d and perldb-mode)
> Look, just because I saw its inception and have cranked it up before
> and commented, "ooo, pretty", doesn't mean I can make a whole talk on
> it!
> However, if we go with Matt's suggestion to have a focused lightning
> talks session, I could probably contribute a Devel::ebug section, and
> an XS debugging section (if anyone's interested!).
>> I'm also interested in unit testing and in particular unit testing
>> applied to legacy code and the refactoring required to do so. If no-
>> one else wants to pick this up I might have a go.
> Sounds like a good topic.  Other interesting related tools and
> techniques are Devel::Cover for coverage testing, WWW::Mechanize for
> writing web application test suites, Test::Base for writing data-based
> test suites, etc.
>> I'd like to talk about Darcs and why it's super-shiny and better than
>> CVS at some stage. Anyone interested in a version control type talk?
> Sure.  I can probably contribute Subversion and svk short talks for
> this session.
> (for those unaware, Subversion is like CVS with all the design bugs
> fixed, and svk is the Perl patchset abstraction/management layer that
> runs atop of Subversion, similar to darcs).
> So, we've got three great topic areas to discuss, and a range of items
> to talk about in those topics, this should keep us busy for a few
> months.
> I forward the motion for the call for a call for a vote on which topic
> goes first.  Anyone care to second the motion?
> Is anyone interested in any more Perl 6 talks?  I'm thinking that a
> talk about the Perl 6 OO core, including Classes, Roles, Traits and
> the MetaModel might be a good one.
> Sam.
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