[Wellington-pm] Next month's meeting

Sam Vilain sam at vilain.net
Mon Jul 11 20:52:56 PDT 2005

Geoff Cant wrote:
> I would love to hear a talk on Devel::ebug and any other shiny  
> Devel:: type code. (With maybe some passing references to similar but  
> less good things in the standard perl -d and perldb-mode)

Look, just because I saw its inception and have cranked it up before
and commented, "ooo, pretty", doesn't mean I can make a whole talk on

However, if we go with Matt's suggestion to have a focused lightning
talks session, I could probably contribute a Devel::ebug section, and
an XS debugging section (if anyone's interested!).

> I'm also interested in unit testing and in particular unit testing  
> applied to legacy code and the refactoring required to do so. If no- 
> one else wants to pick this up I might have a go.

Sounds like a good topic.  Other interesting related tools and
techniques are Devel::Cover for coverage testing, WWW::Mechanize for
writing web application test suites, Test::Base for writing data-based
test suites, etc.

> I'd like to talk about Darcs and why it's super-shiny and better than  
> CVS at some stage. Anyone interested in a version control type talk?

Sure.  I can probably contribute Subversion and svk short talks for
this session.

(for those unaware, Subversion is like CVS with all the design bugs
fixed, and svk is the Perl patchset abstraction/management layer that
runs atop of Subversion, similar to darcs).

So, we've got three great topic areas to discuss, and a range of items
to talk about in those topics, this should keep us busy for a few

I forward the motion for the call for a call for a vote on which topic
goes first.  Anyone care to second the motion?

Is anyone interested in any more Perl 6 talks?  I'm thinking that a
talk about the Perl 6 OO core, including Classes, Roles, Traits and
the MetaModel might be a good one.


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