[Wellington-pm] Next month's meeting

Geoff Cant geoff at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jul 11 17:26:51 PDT 2005

I would love to hear a talk on Devel::ebug and any other shiny  
Devel:: type code. (With maybe some passing references to similar but  
less good things in the standard perl -d and perldb-mode)

I'm also interested in unit testing and in particular unit testing  
applied to legacy code and the refactoring required to do so. If no- 
one else wants to pick this up I might have a go.

I'd like to talk about Darcs and why it's super-shiny and better than  
CVS at some stage. Anyone interested in a version control type talk?

--Geoff Cant (Catalyst IT)

On 2005-07-12, at 11:23 , Sam Vilain wrote:

> Matthew Hunt wrote:
>> a) is anyone interested in a talk on debugging?
>> b) would you want a talk about the perl debugger? (I'm less  
>> interested
>> in this)
>> c) would you want a talk about debug modules?
>> d) would you want a talk about debugging methods in general? (I'm  
>> more
>> interested in this)
>> The likely option is a bit of all of them, with more of a leaning
>> towards the process rather than modules and using the perl debugger.
> One very cool module that I mentioned in passing, during my talk on my
> trip to YAPC::Taipei earlier this year, is Devel::ebug.  This is an
> ACME product which was started during the YAPC hackathon.
> For demonstrating the process of debugging, I think it's ideal; as it
> can display in a web browser, highlight code, etc.  It uses a
> client/server protocol, with a very small debugging core.  This  
> assists
> its application to environments like Perl in an embedded web server,
> where this is normally problematiC.
> In summary, it's shiny.
> Of course I still prefer the good old tty debugger, but that's  
> probably
> because I was reared on DOS debug and gdb.  If I want interactive
> debugging I'll use M-x perldb from emacs.
> Sam.
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