[Wellington-pm] Next month's meeting

Matthew Hunt matt at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Jul 11 15:29:59 PDT 2005

Grant McLean wrote:
> I'll be away then, but I'm sure that one of my co-workers at Catalyst
> (hi Matt!) will be happy to step up and organise access, projector and
> reminder messages etc.

Hi, yes I'm happy to help out.

> So if people want to have a meeting, we need volunteers to speak.
> Suggestions of topics to speak about are also welcome.  Speak up (reply
> here on the list) or it won't happen.

I'm interested in doing a talk on debugging, but I'd like to get some
feedback, notably:

a) is anyone interested in a talk on debugging?
b) would you want a talk about the perl debugger? (I'm less interested
in this)
c) would you want a talk about debug modules?
d) would you want a talk about debugging methods in general? (I'm more
interested in this)

The likely option is a bit of all of them, with more of a leaning
towards the process rather than modules and using the perl debugger.

> One alternative possibility would be to classify the August meeting as a
> 'social' and arrange to meet somewhere for beer, food and chat.  Once
> again, if people want to do that then someone will need to organise it.

Or that :)  Sam did suggest social meetings some time ago, but nothing
came of it so far.



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