[Wellington-pm] Next month's meeting

Grant McLean grant at mclean.net.nz
Mon Jul 11 15:02:31 PDT 2005

Hi Mongers

Thanks for the feedback on my talks last night.  I haven't put the
slides up on the web site yet but I'll do that this evening.

One subject I forgot to mention was talks for future meetings.  The next
meeting is scheduled for August the 8th.  I'll be away then, but I'm
sure that one of my co-workers at Catalyst (hi Matt!) will be happy to
step up and organise access, projector and reminder messages etc.

So if people want to have a meeting, we need volunteers to speak.
Suggestions of topics to speak about are also welcome.  Speak up (reply
here on the list) or it won't happen.

One alternative possibility would be to classify the August meeting as a
'social' and arrange to meet somewhere for beer, food and chat.  Once
again, if people want to do that then someone will need to organise it.


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