Struggling with scopes....

Enkidu enkidu at
Sun Dec 22 00:57:48 CST 2002

I'm trying to make a program into a package.......


I've renamed the .pl to .pm
I've added a package line to the file.
I've converted the "mainline" to a procedure.
I've created a constructor for the package which creates the object
In the mainline procedure I've stashed the values I need in the
subroutine in the hash,

my $self = shift ;
my $proximity = $self->{proximity} = "near" ;

and in the "nearness" subroutine

my $self = shift ;
my $proximity = $self->{proximity} ;

and $proximity contains "near".

How the heck do I do it with a %??

How do I stash %mindex or a pointer to it in the object hash, and how
do I access it in the "nearness" subroutine?

I guess I could always var it....... but I should be able to do it the
other way. No doubt the solution is obvious....




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