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Grant McLean Grantm at
Thu Dec 5 16:54:50 CST 2002

Despite my disparaging remarks yesterday about the general
uselessness of's functions for generating HTML,
here's a tight little script from Randall Schwarz for 
generating Bullsh*t Bingo cards in HTML...

use CGI qw(:all); 
my @array = 
  ("Synergy", "Strategic fit", "Core competencies", "Out of the box", 
   "Bottom line", "Revisit", "Take that off line", "24/7", "Out of the loop", 
   "Benchmark", "Value-added", "Proactive", "Win-win", "Think out side the box", 
   "Fast track", "Result driven", "Empower (ment)", "Knowledge base", "At the end of the day", 
   "Touch base", "Mindset", "Client focus (ed)", "Ballpark", "Game plan",  
   "Leverage", "Top down", "User friendly", "On time", "Within budget", "Forecast", 
print header, start_html; 
print table({ border => 2, cellspacing => 0, cellpadding => 10 }, 
            map { 
                 map { 
                   td( { align => 'center' }, 
                       splice @array, rand scalar @array, 1 
                 } 1..5 
            } 1..5 
print end_html;

See this thread on PerlMonks:


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