Anyone for tennis???

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Wed Nov 14 04:28:05 CST 2001

Hi Cliff, All,

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 10:43:36PM +1300, Cliff Pratt wrote:
> On Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:34:03 +1300, you wrote:
> >In message <0rjkutoou64n354o4v5p5vvb99j15i249q at>, Cliff Pratt writes:
> >>...or anything??
> >
> >Tennis is a bit extreme :-)
> >
> >But we could probably do some sort of "Christmas Perl Mongers" meeting,
> >without even having to come up with a topic.  Anyone else interested in
> >the idea?  Either as a meeting somewhere, or even as a dinner out
> >somewhere.
> >
> >Ewen
> It seems that you and I are the only ones here, Ewen!
> Cheers,
> Cliff
> See the happy moron?
> He doesn't give a damn!
> I wish I were a moron!
> My God! Perhaps I am! 

Out here where the Morepork calls over the Otari bush there are another
couple of people who noticed.   OK, so I had to mention it to Lesley.

We will be starters for any/all of the suggestions, but we are on a
course on Wednesdays 'til real close to Christmas and there are other
potential clashes.   Lets start putting something up and see what 
further develops?   Or should it be rolled into the 
gathering on the 13th of January?   The UniForum regional meeting 
on Tuesday 27 November would welcome an invasion - this meeting
is in the Cotton Building at Vic at around 5-30 (and 6-00 is ok).

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