Anyone for tennis???

Cliff Pratt enkidu at
Wed Nov 14 03:43:36 CST 2001

On Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:34:03 +1300, you wrote:

>In message <0rjkutoou64n354o4v5p5vvb99j15i249q at>, Cliff Pratt writes:
>>...or anything??
>Tennis is a bit extreme :-)
>But we could probably do some sort of "Christmas Perl Mongers" meeting,
>without even having to come up with a topic.  Anyone else interested in
>the idea?  Either as a meeting somewhere, or even as a dinner out

It seems that you and I are the only ones here, Ewen!



See the happy moron?
He doesn't give a damn!
I wish I were a moron!
My God! Perhaps I am! 

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