Perl Mongers Meeting Tonight

Grant McLean grantm at
Tue May 2 17:14:52 CDT 2000

Hi Mongers

Remember, Wellington Perl Mongers meeting tonight:

  Wednesday 3 May 2000, 5:30 PM
  The Web Limited
  Level 8
  86 Lambton Quay

Speaker         Topic
Ewen McNeill    State machines/code generation
Dan Morrison    Doing something useful with XML
Dave Moskovitz  Group discussion on Perl 5.6
                Group Therapy Session

Remember, this is how the group therapy bit works:

  1. Think of something related to Perl that you
        a) always wanted to know
     or b) think everyone else needs to know

  2. Summarise the essence of your question/tip in less than 5 words

  3. Write those words on the back of a business card (or something
     else with your name on it)

  4. Bring the card with you tonight and drop it in the 'hat'
     on the way in.

Here's an example:

  You think everyone needs to know about what happens when you
  set the special Perl variable $/ to the empty string.  So you
  write 'paragraph slurping' on a card and drop it in the hat.

  At the Mongers meeting, we will draw out as many cards as we
  have time for.  If your card is drawn, you should be prepared
  to stand up and talk about the subject for 5 minutes.  Of course
  if it was a question, you just need to be prepared to clearly
  state the question and the group will take over from there.

Spread the word, bring a friend, let people know about the group
and the mailing list.  See:


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