Next meeting of Perl Mongers

Grant McLean grantm at
Wed Feb 2 14:22:50 CST 2000

> From: Dave Moskovitz [mailto:DaveM at]
>Ewen just pointed out that we had pencilled in tonight for the next
>Mongers meeting ... I'd like to propose that we shift the date to Weds
>March, 5:30 PM, here at The Web Limited.
> We had discussed talking about Perl Development Environments ...

The Perl Development environments I use are vi on Unix and PFE
on Win32 - not much to talk about there :-) (although I note from
the latest Linux Journal that vi(m) has won the readers choice 
award for best editor again)  (and Perl came second in the best
programming language category, after C/C++ - might do better next
year when that option is split out into two).

> Anything else people are dying to present on?  Any volunteers?

I would certainly be interested in hearing what Ewen's doing code
generation etc.

How about reserving some time for an open clinic session where 
people bring along problems or bits of code that they'd like to 
discuss?  Or a confessional where people can fess up to the most
stupid things they've done with Perl.

Following my recent upload of XML::Simple to CPAN, I could talk 
about any of:

  - Building a module package for CPAN (incl: using Test::Harness,
    writing POD docs, CPAN registration processes etc.)
  - XML basics
  - Using XML::Simple
  - Using XML::Parser

We could turn the question around and ask is there anything that
people desperately want to find out about.  If so, speak up and
perhaps we can flush out an expert.


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