Next meeting of Perl Mongers

Ewen McNeill ewen at
Tue Feb 1 16:03:31 CST 2000

In message <416EBC605EBED111A31A08002B9F4B361EE8A7 at>, Dave Moskovitz writes:
>Ewen just pointed out that we had pencilled in tonight for the next Perl
>Mongers meeting ... I'd like to propose that we shift the date to Weds 8
>March, 5:30 PM, here at The Web Limited.

<sounds of many PDAs being updated>

>We had discussed talking about Perl Development Environments ...
>Anything else people are dying to present on?  Any volunteers?

I wouldn't exactly describe it as dying to present on, but I could do a
presentation at some point on either:
1.  Code generation/finite state machines in Perl (eg, with Libero
    an Open Source tool available at  (I should 
    note that I work with iMatix so am not completely disinterested in 
    the products; but would aim to describe the approach not push the
    tools.); or

2.  SGML/XML text processing using Perl (and nsgmls/

The Web offices would still be most suitable to actually hold the
meeting even if it was me doing the presentation, as I don't really have
access to a suitable location at present.

I'd appreciate feedback on which option (1 or 2) would be preferable.
I could probably have something together for 2000/3/8 providing I knew
relatively soon to plan for it; but of course won't stand in the way of
the huge queue of people who must be desperate to present their thing...


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