[Vienna-pm] three-lobed screws

Roland Lammel rl at brabbel.net
Tue Nov 20 06:27:13 PST 2012

Checked my arsenal of drivers... sorry, it seems I'm definitly no master of

Seems like it's a tri-wing, see Wikipedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screw_drives and
Or at least very similar.

Conrad is selling those as single "bit" driver. So in case noone has one as
part of their bit driver sets that's your best chance.

Good luck screwing...


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On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 12:24 PM, Nicholas Clark <nick at ccl4.org> wrote:

> So, I think the element on our kettle has blown. I'd like to get inside it
> to check with a multimeter that this is the cause of "no tea"*, but the
> oh-so-helpful manufacturers have decided that it's an iKettle, and have
> used
> an evil three-sided screw to stop me getting in.
> So, by chance, does anyone happen to have a screwdriver for three-sided
> screws that I could borrow? (Photo attached). The evil screw is about 3mm
> across.
> (Second photo attached to show how they are more, depraved (or what?) by
> using one regular four-sided screw, and one three-sided screw, just because
> they can)
> Nicholas Clark
> * Fear not. We are on ultimate backup-kettle - the Russell Hobbs kettle
> that my
>   mother took to university, well before I was born. It's on something
> like its
>   third element now. But it's not ideal for several reasons, so we'd
> prefer to
>   retire it again.
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