[Vienna-pm] three-lobed screws

Nicholas Clark nick at ccl4.org
Tue Nov 20 04:14:34 PST 2012

So, I think the element on our kettle has blown. I'd like to get inside it
to check with a multimeter that this is the cause of "no tea"*, but the
oh-so-helpful manufacturers have decided that it's an iKettle, and have used
an evil three-sided screw to stop me getting in.

So, by chance, does anyone happen to have a screwdriver for three-sided
screws that I could borrow? (Photo attached). The evil screw is about 3mm

(Second photo attached to show how they are more, depraved (or what?) by
using one regular four-sided screw, and one three-sided screw, just because
they can)

Nicholas Clark

* Fear not. We are on ultimate backup-kettle - the Russell Hobbs kettle that my
  mother took to university, well before I was born. It's on something like its
  third element now. But it's not ideal for several reasons, so we'd prefer to
  retire it again.
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