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Roland Lammel rl at brabbel.net
Sun Dec 9 12:28:54 PST 2007

Thanks for the insight,

btw. that would be a really really nice topic for the next tech & social
meet in early january.

Especially on GIT (basics, concept, usage, especially branching/merging) and
also the GIT / SVN usage (differences, pros/cons, basically working with git
and a subversion backend)

Are you in vienna in (when was the meeting scheduled... hmm) the second week
of january and of course would you like to give a presentation on it? (At
least I'd love to see one, if you need someone to go through the subversion
stuff, count me in, as I had to deal with subversion and a clearcase
conversion quite a lot the last weeks)



On Dec 8, 2007 2:19 PM, maximilian attems <max at stro.at> wrote:

> On Fri, 07 Dec 2007, Roland Lammel wrote:
> > No religious wars necessary ;-) Both are real scm systems, only with
> > different aspects and focus.
> it's not about religion - nineties are over.
> a distributed vcs gives anyone a complete repository.
> beside being much more convenient (offline work, cryptographical
> history, backup, ..) it is much faster. beside git is top on non-linear
> development.
> > I actually prefer the one, I have less work with, so that would be svn,
> as I
> > con't know git (yet).
> seems like a good excuse to learn to use the powerful tool. :)
> > How is the status of the windows version for git? Are there graphical
> > frontends available too?
> 1.5.4 git is about to be released and has a better gitk and git gui
> the windows port is work in progress pushed by an austrian telecom guy
> as it seems, but no usable yet.
> > Is there a svn to git converter available?
> git svn
> due to historical questions debian-kernel is managed with subversion.
> i routinely commit it with git svn, although i hope that a move will
> be done (branching differs quite a bit and is thus a pain, but linear
> development on it works).
> > We also have to make sure, that all "Vereinsdaten" are pushed to our git
> > repos on the server and kept there (and are not distributed to other
> server,
> > which might become inaccessible). Guess that's no problem, right?
> you commit them locally and then push the changes.
> and yes certain repos do not necessarily need to be seen on gitweb,
> you have explicitly to allow the bare repo to be seen.
> > (Sorry for those probably dumb question, but hey, never thought about
> that
> > with subversion)
> nah happy to answer to git questions.
> done quite a lot of git workshops lately..
> regards
> --
> maks

Roland Lammel

"Enjoy your job, make lots of money, work within the law. Choose any two."
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