[Vienna-pm] svn server fuer vienna.pm

maximilian attems max at stro.at
Sat Dec 8 05:19:07 PST 2007

On Fri, 07 Dec 2007, Roland Lammel wrote:

> No religious wars necessary ;-) Both are real scm systems, only with
> different aspects and focus.

it's not about religion - nineties are over.
a distributed vcs gives anyone a complete repository.
beside being much more convenient (offline work, cryptographical
history, backup, ..) it is much faster. beside git is top on non-linear

> I actually prefer the one, I have less work with, so that would be svn, as I
> con't know git (yet).

seems like a good excuse to learn to use the powerful tool. :)
> How is the status of the windows version for git? Are there graphical
> frontends available too?

1.5.4 git is about to be released and has a better gitk and git gui
the windows port is work in progress pushed by an austrian telecom guy
as it seems, but no usable yet.
> Is there a svn to git converter available?

git svn
due to historical questions debian-kernel is managed with subversion.
i routinely commit it with git svn, although i hope that a move will
be done (branching differs quite a bit and is thus a pain, but linear
development on it works).
> We also have to make sure, that all "Vereinsdaten" are pushed to our git
> repos on the server and kept there (and are not distributed to other server,
> which might become inaccessible). Guess that's no problem, right?

you commit them locally and then push the changes.
and yes certain repos do not necessarily need to be seen on gitweb,
you have explicitly to allow the bare repo to be seen.
> (Sorry for those probably dumb question, but hey, never thought about that
> with subversion)

nah happy to answer to git questions.
done quite a lot of git workshops lately..



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