[Vienna-pm] Italian Code Jam

Thomas Klausner domm at zsi.at
Tue Sep 21 05:33:55 CDT 2004


Das koennte IMO sehr interessant sein, u.a. wegen Larry Wall und Allsion
Randall. Ist auch nicht sehr weit weg...


What is Italian Code Jam

ICJ is an international meeting with some of the most famous known
developers in the open source and free software world, organized by
FerraraLUG, ErLUG, ParmaLUG, PiacenzaLUG, RELug and Perl Mongers Italia in
collaboration with Engineering Department of University of Ferrara.

This event will take place the full day of October 9th 2004 from 9am to 7pm
in the center of Engineering Department of University of Ferrara. Everyone
is free to join us, entrance is free.


Some of the speakers include: Andrea Arcangeli, Moshe Bar, Francesco
Ciriaci, Dave Cross, Alex Martelli, Allison Randall, Michele Simionato, Simo
Sorce and Larry Wall. 

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for(ref bless{},just'another'perl'hacker){s-:+-$"-g&&print$_.$/}

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