[Vienna-pm] Advent

Gerfried Fuchs alfie at ist.org
Mon Dec 1 05:03:05 CST 2003

* Thomas Klausner <domm at zsi.at> [2003-12-01 09:56]:
> http://perladvent.org/2003/

 Herzig :)

 Uhm, aber auch irgendwie genial, wenn man z.B.
http://perladvent.org/2003/2nd/ versucht:

[Text von "Santa Claus is coming to town"]

 "Now, I ask you, is opening the doors to the advent calender early
naughty or nice?"

* Joy idly wonders why the fuck did the lists let through the latest
    Fw: college girls spam
<Clint> ask a listmaster
                                  -- #debian-devel
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