[VPM] Meeting on 24th

abez abez at abez.ca
Wed Nov 19 21:49:45 CST 2003

Unforunately monday is the only night I am available.


On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Darren Duncan wrote:

> >At 07:44 AM 11/19/2003 -0800, nathanael kuipers wrote:
> >>Actually, something has come up for me a well on that date.  Not mission critical like Peter's, but since one of our main people cannot attend, perhaps we could postpone until the following week?
> Peter Scott said:
> >I didn't say I couldn't attend, just that I may not.  I may have to go out of town on a moment's notice.  If I don't, then I *will* be out of town the following week anyway.
> Something else we could do is pospone by one or two days, but keep it in the same week.  How does tuesday sound?  I think Thursday is busy for me, but I'm not sure.  On that note, is there anyone here who can make it on monday but not later in the same week?  And is there anyone not on this list who has been told about the monday and wanted to come? -- Darren Duncan

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