Can you help verify french holidays for Date::Calc?

Steffen Beyer sb at
Tue Apr 10 11:56:40 CDT 2001


Dear French Perl Mongers,

I am currently working on the next release (version 5.0) of my module
"Date::Calc", which will be able to perform date calculations which
take holidays into consideration.

Therefore, I would like to provide calendar profiles for as many countries
as possible, including France.

I'm not sure if I implemented the French holidays in the correct way,
or if anything is still missing.

I'm not only interested in official holidays (work is suspended), but
also in purely commemorative days (or days when schools close).

Can you provide any insights, corrections or additions?
(Please check my spelling also!)

Any help is most welcome!

Can you please also forward this message to your Perl Monger mailing lists,
as well as any acquaintances or friends who might be able to help?

Many thanks in advance!

Here are the French holidays I have so far:

$Profiles->{'FR'} = # France
    "Nouvel An"                 => "01.01.",
    "Dimanche de Pâques"        => "+0",
    "Lundi de Pâques"           => "+1",
    "Jour du Travail"           => "01.05.",
    "Armistice 1945"            => "08.05.",
    "Ascension du Christ"       => "+39",
    "Dimanche de Pentecôte"     => "+49",
    "Lundi de Pentecôte"        => "+50",
    "Jour de la République"     => "14.07.",
    "Ascension de Marie"        => "15.08.",
    "Toussaint"                 => "01.11.",
    "Armistice 1918"            => "11.11.",
    "Noël"                      => "25.12."

Please also check whether a day is an official holiday, or
just a commemorative day (nobody gets a day off), or a school
holiday (only schools close).

Again, many thanks in advance for your precious help!

Best regards,
    Steffen Beyer <sb at> (Who am I) (Fotos Brasil, USA, ...) (Free Perl and C Software)

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