[tpm] New Parrot release!! .... one year since last update :-)

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> Quoting Abuzar <abuzar at abuzar.com>:
> Last update was Feb 16, 2016, one year ago.
>> Side ticker says they're still meeting every week.
>> Here's the release announcement:
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npjOSLCR2hE
> MoarVM is what the kids use these days: http://moarvm.com/
> Next release coming up in less than 24 hours ;)
Yes, I know, and it's quite sad.  I feel that between Rakudo, Moarvm, and
Parrot, priority should've gone to parrot.

I see solving the social and decision-making problems during the course of
parrot's development as an integral part of developing Perl.  It's as much
about developing culture as it is about developing language, technology,
and platform (from what I'm understanding, social and decision-making
challenges were contributing factors towards dysfunctional development).

The particular way in which Moarvm took over from Parrot, from the articles
that I read online, it left a bad impression in me.  It didn't sound nice,
it made me feel uncomfortable and lose trust in the development team.

Having many languages use the same free/open/collaborative virtual machine
and inter-operate with each other and/or libraries written on different
platforms is a very important goal that shouldn't have been abandoned
(reading some part of the moarvm docs, I understand that it was
intentionally abandoned).  I feel like what folks were trying to accomplish
with parrot is the natural direction that the mindset of programming in
Perl takes.  Not having that, feels like something crucial is missing from
the perl experience, and specifically the Perl 6 development era in Perl's

This whole JS thing has filled some of that gap, and the way it's being
done is very corporate and puke-worthy.  This is the task that should've
been done with Perl, and specifically Parrot.  If it had played out that
way, I think we'd be seeing a different landscape in tech.

I feel that if a compromise had to be made between resourcing Perl 6 or the
Parrot project, then it should've been Parrot, because the world needs
Parrot a lot more than it needs Perl 6.

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