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> My apologies for the Wednesday but for the summer, can't do Thursdays.
> Please RSVP here:
> https://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Perl-Mongers/events/240909896/
> Doug Hoyte is coming in and giving us a double header of talks:
> REST APIs with Chouette
> Chouette is a perl framework for building REST APIs . It combines many of
> my modules together into an integrated system and is the distillation of
> all the best-practices I've discovered from building numerous REST API
> services over the years. With Chouette you can build an asynchronous server
> that uses AnyEvent::Task to delegate blocking tasks such as DB access and
> password hashing, Callback::Frame for error handling, and Log::Defer for
> structured logging. In this talk we'll build an authentication service from
> scratch with Chouette and discuss some of its cool features along the way.
> Better test suites with Log Periodic
> Does your test suite take too long? Are you plagued by flaky, unreliable
> tests? Feeling guilty about those sleep commands everywhere? My company Log
> Periodic is rolling out a new product that helps solve these problems and
> more. This talk will show a demo of the technology and discuss the magic
> sauce that makes it work.
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> dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
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