[tpm] Meeting June 28 (Wed)

Dave Doyle dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 08:10:01 PDT 2017

My apologies for the Wednesday but for the summer, can't do Thursdays.

Please RSVP here:


Doug Hoyte is coming in and giving us a double header of talks:

REST APIs with Chouette

Chouette is a perl framework for building REST APIs . It combines many of
my modules together into an integrated system and is the distillation of
all the best-practices I've discovered from building numerous REST API
services over the years. With Chouette you can build an asynchronous server
that uses AnyEvent::Task to delegate blocking tasks such as DB access and
password hashing, Callback::Frame for error handling, and Log::Defer for
structured logging. In this talk we'll build an authentication service from
scratch with Chouette and discuss some of its cool features along the way.

Better test suites with Log Periodic

Does your test suite take too long? Are you plagued by flaky, unreliable
tests? Feeling guilty about those sleep commands everywhere? My company Log
Periodic is rolling out a new product that helps solve these problems and
more. This talk will show a demo of the technology and discuss the magic
sauce that makes it work.
dave.s.doyle at gmail.com
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