[tpm] I have dropped the ball - need help

Shlomi Fish shlomif at shlomifish.org
Tue Oct 28 01:00:02 PDT 2014

Hi all,

On Tue, 28 Oct 2014 00:04:19 -0400
Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:

> On 10/27/2014 11:55 PM, Olaf Alders wrote:
> > On Oct 27, 2014, at 11:46 PM, Uri Guttman <uri at stemsystems.com> wrote:
> >
> >> hi all,
> >>
> >> too bad i can't make it. i have run perl job bofs at the last 3 yapcs and
> >> they seem to have been useful to the attendees.
> >>
> >> a simple tip i tell all my candidates is that an interview (phone or in
> >> person) is a conversation, not an interrogation. be ready to ask questions
> >> to the interviewer. ask about their favorite project, company issues they
> >> don't like, cool tech stuff they use or stuff they despise, etc. learn
> >> about their development AND corporate cultures too. culture fit (corporate
> >> can be MORE important than technical!) is critical.
> > Hi Uri,
> >
> > We'll be doing the meeting via Google Hangout, so if you'd like to present
> > something via that medium, we'd be more than happy to give you some time to
> > do that.  If this Wednesday doesn't work for you, we could look at
> > scheduling you at the November meeting as well.
> >
> >
> hi olaf,
> interesting idea. we have used hangout at some boston.pm meetings. tell 
> me what i need to do on my end to see your meeting and let me annoy you 
> all ^W add my cogent comments. it looks like i will be free this wed 
> eve. what time do you start? i want to make sure i get home from day job 
> and have some dinner first.

Can I fully interact with all the necessary Google Hangouts mechanisms using
100% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_and_open-source_software on my
GNU/Linux system? Last time I checked when trying to use GHangouts using Google
Chromium (= the open-source base of Google Chrome) , I was prompted to
download several binary-only .rpm packages, which is unacceptable for me due to:



Google has a very strange notion of "Don't do evil" recently.


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