[tpm] Ingy döt Net: Bashing your Brain Cells (Thursday, Nov 28)

Olaf Alders olaf.alders at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 17:40:13 PST 2013

So, Mr. Ingy döt Net was showing me some of the stuff he was working on and I mentioned to him that he might like to present all of this crazy stuff to us.  Our next open meeting slot is not until January, so I offered him my slot for this coming Thursday.  I can push my MetaCPAN talk until January, if that's OK.  I feel like I've already done a lot of talking anyway between lightning talks and speaking last month as well.  Here's a an abstract for what Ingy plans to speak about. 

I should mention that he'll be presenting remotely.  This will be our first full-length meeting with a remote presenter.  I'll demo a hangout with him in advance to make sure we get the details right.


In his first ever Internationally Remote Perl Monger Trainwreck (live demos
galore), Ingy döt Net (the man who ruined Perl with abominations like Kwiki,
YAML, IO::All, …) will Bash your remaining brain cells with his latest
Frankensteinian misdemeanors. Bash? Yes, Bash!
* git-hub -- All of Git-Hub in your terminal
* PairUp -- Pair program with anyone on GitHub or IRC
* Termcast -- Let the internet watch you
* git-subrepo -- Git submodules can DIE!
* bpan -- Like CPAN, only worse
* json-bash -- Seriously
* test-more-bash -- No joke
* bash+ -- aka Perl 0.1
* ... -- pronounced dotdotdot
* 10 things you (probably) don't know about YAML  


So, there's some kind of crazy stuff in here and some really cool stuff as well.  His git-hub repo gives you the power of github at the command line.  PairUp lets you share a tmux session with a collaborator and it actually munges your tmux preferences together.  You can find a lot of his projects here: https://github.com/ingydotnet

This is the kind of presentation that doesn't require any Perl knowledge.  It should appeal to programmers in general since a lot of the tools aren't specific to Perl, but are the kinds of things you can integrate into your daily workflow.


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