[tpm] How to automate/test d/l and u/l files from webpage with Javascript enabled.

J Z Tam jztam at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 09:11:24 PST 2013

Yeah, I know,  which sites Don't have JS enabled nowadays. NM.

Hey Matt,   Got a few minutes?

I'm having some difficulty whittling these modules I'm using:  WWW::Mechanize,  WWW::Selenium,  HTTP::Recorder, HTTP::Proxy, and LWP::Debug.   I've installed the recommended Selenium bundle to my Firefox 15.0.1 on Windows7 and it is working.

1. I'm wanting to automate downloading a set of files from an https internal site, morph the contents and rename these files, then send them to another site or UNC.  The problem I'm having is that the site spawns off a Windows Explorer window when I "click into"  the form, which fires a:  javascript:openwindow('parm1', 'parm2')  function.  Now, how do I access the Explorer window?  I'm guessing I'll have to determine the windowID of the Explorer window and treat it specially, outside the WWW::* and  HTTP::*  spaces.

2. Tried setting up a local proxy to record all the kbd and mouse events, but could not get it working (on Windows7).  Tips?  No, I cannot switch to *nix,  ugh.
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