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Attendance Tracking:
Hey Alan, 
  I know how much brain power and miles you spend doing the room bookings. Thank you kindly for you undying efforts.  Sorry the turnout was low, maybe we can self-organize and send out our attendance intentions to make critical mass.  Mea culpa for not sending my regrets this week.

June gig or July gig:
Hey mongeren, 
   We have the efficient and talented Michelle Warren  bookable for either of the next 2 events.  June 27 or July 25.   She has agreed to give her "Efficient Communicator's"  talk and/or "Career"  talk but she is very flexible on topic selections.  We are encouraged to ask for what WE want her to advise us about, so please surf around and share your preferences to this list.
She lives here:     


Take the web content with a grain of salt.  Michelle would excel at "karoake talks", but let's get the topic selection ballparked in the next two weeks.
IIRC,  her "Efficient Communicator's"  talk is very applicable to I.T. professional corporate life, Pythonesquely humourous, scythingly truthful and effective... but I'm thick-skinned and have know her for years.  Your mileage may vary.  Oh Mr. Doyle!?  I found the paradigms useful for step-relations as well, worked like a charm, but I don't have use for them any more ;-).

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> Fulko, Stuart, and I had a pleasant discussion last night, but there seems
> very little point in my arranging a meeting room for 3 people.
> User groups definitely benefit from the network effect, (the more
> participants, the more use they are), but it works both ways.
> Somebody, (preferably more than one person, to prevent burnout), has to
> put together a plan for future meetings, and ensure that there's an
> audience. If this doesn't happen, soon, I might as well not bother with
> future arrangements.

There are only 9 months per year to get structured content for, if we work on the assumption that we can get Damian Conway lured up some time in the summer, and we have Lightning Talks on September, and a social in December.

I'm quite happy to do a talk per year, they are likely not to be directly related to Perl as I am currently not using Perl for anything. They might be software or practise based.

One thing Abram Hindle mentioned was to have a couple of canned presentations (maybe on a couple of perl modules) ready to fill in for cancellations.

I for one appreciate the time and effort Alan puts in to getting us a place month after month, year after year.



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