[tpm] July 25th, 2013 TPM Meeting

Michelle Warren michelle at michellewarren.ca
Mon Jun 10 18:16:34 PDT 2013

Hi Jordan and everyone,


Some topics for your consideration:


Using LinkedIn in your career search

Effectively communicating in the workplace

Building your brand with social media 


My presentations revolve around career/job search and communications
(writing, conversations or presentations). I can pretty much speak about any
topic as they relate to those two areas. 


If you'd like further information or more details, just let me know.


Thanks and I'm looking forward to meeting you,




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July 25th 2013 Meeting.  Outside Speaker::Topic Selection. 


Dear TPM,

If my respected fellow mongeren could reply to the list about what YOU would
like to hear and participate about, please chime in.  Michelle is very agile
and quick on her feet about topic selection, but we will all have a better
experience if we tailor the gig to our liking.


To aid us getting there, I've Cc:'d Michelle on this particular thread, so
feel free to ask for anything you have seen here:



Hey Michelle, 

   Be suggestively assertive and efficient. Thanks.




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