[tpm] Fwd: [Boston.pm] Perl community "The Rising Costs of Aging Perlers"

arocker at Vex.Net arocker at Vex.Net
Wed Jul 24 08:35:37 PDT 2013

>  Knowing enough about these things (CSS, JS, Bootstrap) to be dangerous is
> good enough in a lot of cases.

With the rate at which the flavour-of-the-month in Web techniques changes,
it's sheer coincidence if one finishes a project with a detailed knowledge
of the tools and processes favoured for the next one.

Surely, the real skill is knowing how to pick up and learn use new tools,
without having to sit passively in front of an instructor? That's what the
schooling industry claims to teach, and conspicuously doesn't.
Unfortunately, this skill doesn't seem to have a name that a recruiter
will recognise.

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