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On 2013-07-24, at 11:08 AM, Mark Jubenville wrote:
>>> Perhaps companies developing Web applications should look at dividing the
>>> tasks sensibly. There's certainly no reason to expect technical people to
>>> make good aesthetic or interface design decisions, for example.
>> I absolutely agree that technical people should not be doing real design work. Not if you want the design to be any good anyway.
>> I don't think you're going to find many jobs working for companies developing web applications where you can get away with not knowing a large subset of the technologies I mentioned. You don't need to be an expert in all of them, but you can't be afraid of any of them.
>> I suppose it's possible to find "back end engineer" jobs that are basically "publish this database via REST", but I'd get bored of that kind of quick.
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> Also, knowing all of those technologies does not by any stretch of the imagination mean you are a designer.  You need to know them so that you can implement a design properly.  That's why we look for them when hiring new web developers.

At my $work all of the initial design for our site was contracted out to a design firm, but now that they're out of the picture we have to maintain it.  So, even though I'm not a front end designer, I still need to know enough about how it all works to add new pages, tweak existing design etc.  Knowing enough about these things (CSS, JS, Bootstrap) to be dangerous is good enough in a lot of cases.


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