[tpm] tn1 visa and remote work?

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being an attendee for departmental/team meetings and RECEIVING training seem to be acceptable reasons.


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> It depends what you call work in the USA. If it is meetings, then you do not need a special Visa to enter the US. 
> However, almost everything else constitutes work and requires a Visa.  I hear that an H1 is easier to get than a TN1.  Either way, a proper Visa is required. 
> Most people who travel occasionally and have to do work, say that they're going for meetings anyways instead of getting a Visa.  If the customs officer beleives you, you're in. 
> I would suggest talking to an immigration lawyer to be certain of what you can and cannot do. '

I work via telecommute for an American company.  I had to fly down for some meetings in September and the customs official gave me an extremely hard time because I didn't have any paperwork from HR stating exactly what I would be doing while in the US.  Eventually he let me continue on, but for a while it felt like he was going to send me back home.  So, while it worked for me to travel without the paperwork, it was a really unpleasant experience.

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